Four Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

At one time, kitchen gadgets were pretty basic. A Kitchen Aid mixer was about as exciting as it got. These days, you’ve got a world of choice. There are some amazing gadgets on the market today, from popcorn makers to omelette makers, all designed to sit on your countertop and make life easier for home cooks who want to make food in minutes and with minimal effort!

While there are plenty of kitchen gadgets to pick from, some are pretty pointless. How often are you going to make cotton candy in your own kitchen? However, here are four kitchen gadgets you may never have realized you needed but when you try them, you’ll find out just how useful they can be!


An Adjustable Rolling Pin
You probably already have a regular rolling pin in your kitchen drawer, however an adjustable rolling pin can be a real game changer, especially if you’re a fan of making pies and tarts. A simple to use design, it features ruler marks printing down its side and an adjustable handle, so it couldn’t be simpler to line up your baking project’s width and to cut a line perfectly straight down your puff pastry or parchment paper. You’ll also be able to see at a glance just how much you’ve rolled out your pastry and whether it’ll fit perfectly in your pie pan. 

A Burger Press
Is there anything as delicious as a home made burger? They really do beat store-bought burgers into a cocked hat, and you can add all the ingredients that you love. Fancy a chili burger? No worries, simply chop up a few and pop them into your burger mix. Want to experiment with a little tomato and mozzarella cheese – it’s a breeze. The only problem with making your own burgers is getting them to form the right shape. Store bought ones fit perfectly into a bun while when you make them yourself they can be lopsided and too chunky to bite into. What you need is a burger press. They’re super simple to use and they produce perfectly shaped and sized burgers each and every time. Now, the whole family will have matching burgers and nobody will complain that their’s is smaller than everyone else’s!

A Garlic Chopper
If you love garlic but absolutely hate the odor that it leaves on your fingers, it’s time to invest in a garlic chopper. This useful gadget fits easily into your kitchen drawer but can revolutionize the way you prepare food. You’ll be able to quickly and easily chop garlic without ever getting your hands dirty (or smelly). You’ll get finely chopped garlic that’s ideal for everything from garlic bread to pasta sauces, it’s super-simple to use and easy to wash. You’ll never need to ever buy ready chopped garlic again!

An Egg Frying Pan
If you’re sick of the hassle of trying to fry eggs in your regular skillet, it’s time to invest in a dedicated egg frying pan. It might sound ridiculous to get a separate pan simply for cooking eggs, but when you try it you’ll notice the difference. One of the problems with using your regular skillet for eggs is that it is larger and takes a while to heat up. Also, eggs often stick when they’re cooking in a pan which is also used for cooking other foods like bacon and sausages. A dedicated egg pan eliminates that problem. They are smaller and therefore heat more rapidly, and with their non-stick surface, you’ll have no problems with sticking eggs and broken yolks. As egg pans are designed to be lightweight, you’ll be able to easily handle the pan. This makes it a breeze to flip those eggs when you want them sunny side down! View this page to find out more about how to choose the right egg pan for you and the benefits of having a dedicated egg frying pan in your kitchen pan collection. 
You may never have considered investing in any of these four kitchen gadgets, but once you’ve added them to your kitchen drawers, you’ll be amazed by just how much difference they can make to your everyday food preparation!


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