Girl Power: Unconventional But Totally Doable Jobs For Women

As a woman, the world is now your oyster when it comes to finding a career path. At one time, women had very few options. Working in a shop, secretarial work, perhaps teaching… the options were limited. These days, there is a world of choice available. There is nothing that a woman can’t do. Whether you’ve always wanted to be a firefighter or whether you’ve always wanted to work on a offshore oil rig, you can take any direction in life you want. 

When a woman chooses a job today, she should bear in mind every single option open to her. After all, as long as she has the right experience and qualifications, a woman can do absolutely anything she wants.

Although we’re living in the 21st century, there are still some jobs that are considered to be out of the ordinary for women. Here are just some of the few.


Special Agent
A special agent collects evidence and facts about crimes. This is a very exciting and interesting job, whether you’re male or female. Anyone applying for this job requires a Bachelor’s Degree or high school diploma depending on which police department you work with. Although this isn’t an easy job, it’s an unusual and inspiring career path for any woman and it can command an attractive salary of around $80,000.

Architects are responsible for designing buildings and for ensuring that they’re safe and functional as well as suited to the needs of the people who will be using them. It is a complex career path and requires a lot of study. In fact, the minimum educational requirement is a five year Bachelor of Architecture course. The salary is very appealing, coming in at around $80,000 per annum.

Most people automatically think of a man when they think of a barber, however women can do this job too. Although women tend to focus on hairdressing, in fact those who opt for male hair styling rather than female styling can enjoy a project job growth of 13% - which is fast compared to other occupations. 

Computer Programming
The world of information technology is a lucrative one and has an ever-increasing need for employees. Women can easily fit into this work environment as long as they have the required Bachelor’s degree. This is a well paid occupation, with annual salaries coming in at around $80,000 and as demand is increasing in this sector, there is plenty of work to go around.

An engineer will use their science and math expertise to resolve technical issues. There are many different types of engineer, from civil engineers to mechanical engineers and everything in between. There is an ongoing drive at the moment to encourage more women to enter this sector, and with salaries of around $80,000 annually, there are many reasons why women should consider entering the engineering industry.

Truck Driving
Although when we think of truck drivers we tend to think of men, in fact more women are entering this job sector. Transporting goods from one destination to another requires only a commercial drivers’ license and a high school diploma, so there is no reason why any woman shouldn’t enter this industry. The annual salary is attractive too at over $40,000 per year.

Although in the past, firefighters were always men, today there are many females who do this job. For those who meet the fitness requirement, it is a very exciting and rewarding job and commands attractive salaries of around $50,000 per annum.

Welding needn’t be solely a male occupation. In fact more women are now entering this profession which can be very lucrative indeed for the right candidates. After receiving appropriate training, women are equally capable of welding as any man, and as long as they wear suitable clothing that gives you protection from injury, you can be equally successful as a man.

You will probably have noticed that increasing numbers of pilots are now women, and the next time you get on board an aircraft to go on vacation, you may notice that at least one of the pilot team will be a woman. This is an incredibly lucrative job, and though it isn’t easy to become a commercial pilot, the annual salary of around $140,000 makes up for the time and effort put into entering this career path. 


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