These Crafts Are So Easy, And Will Look Like They Cost A Ton

Do you love handcrafts but are deterred from complex projects because they take too long, or do you find that they produce poor results that are just embarrassing? This is a very common problem. While many people love the idea of trying out crafts for themselves, they don’t want to spend too long working on a single piece. They also want to achieve guaranteed results. Nobody wants to spend hours creating a piece of art only to find that it looks as if a five-year-old made it once it’s done!
These simple craft ideas are so simple and yet they look very expensive when they’re complete – you simply can’t go wrong with these brilliant ideas! 


Decorated Lampshades
By adding paint, you can turn an ordinary table lamp into an interesting and characterful decoration for your living room, dining room or bedroom.

First, draw the image of a bird onto a bit of card. Cut it out. This will be a template which you will then use to draw the same shape onto the rear of a piece of sticky backed plastic. You’ll need to repeat this process 6 or 7 times depending on the size of your lampshade. 
Put the sticky backed plastic onto a cut mat. Using a scalpel, cut the birds out, remember to make a small eye for each bird.

Now, mix white, yellow, blue and crimson acrylic paints together. The result with be a taupe color. Use a wide, small paintbrush to make alternate directions of brush stroke across your lampshade. Allow it to dry then position your birds around the shade. When you’re satisfied with their placement, remove their sticky back and stick firmly in place. Make sure to smooth out creases and air bubbles completely for a professional finish.

Add extra blue paint to your taupe paint and stipple it over your shade using the paintbrush’s end. Pay close attention to the birds’ eyes and edges. Allow to dry.

Finally, use a round stencil brush. Dip it into white pain and press the brush end around the shade’s base at 2 cm intervals. This will create attractive white dots around the shade. Now remove the plastic birds from your hade with the end of your scalpel, fit the lampshade onto a lamp and you’re ready to enjoy the results. Impressive!

A Poured Acrylic Picture
If you want a really simple yet highly effective way to decorate your living room and to create the impression that you’ve spent a lot of money on art, a poured acrylic picture is a breeze to make and is extremely stylish. Ideal for decorating a mantelpiece wall or for creating an eye-catching piece of wall art for any room of the home, pouring acrylic is a good hobby, even for those who believe they lack any artistic skill!

A Felted Wall Hanging
Anyone can felt – it’s one of the easiest hobbies in the world, and it’s also a lot of fun. All you need is a square piece of material, some felt wool in a choice of colors, a brush and a felting needle. Place the material over the brush, choose the color of felt you prefer and get your felting needle ready. Simply punch the felt over and over again into the material using the felting needle. You’ll start to see the felt melding with the material. Keep repeating this action until the surface is smooth and fully felted. You can make a range of attractive patterns and designs. If you’re more artistic, you can draw an image on the material first before using the different colors of felt to fill in the spaces. Alternatively, you can simply make random patterns with the colors you like best. Either way, the results will be stunning and will look surprisingly expensive, especially if you fit your picture into a frame and fix to your wall. 

Try one of these simple yet highly effective craft ideas to decorate your home or to give as a gift. You’ll be surprised by how expensive they look once they’re complete, and absolute anyone can achieve great results – even if they aren’t very artistically gifted!


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