Falling pregnant can be the most exciting, scary, and overwhelming time of a woman’s life. With so much changing to your body physically, as well as so much changing in your everyday life, it is important to take some time out to practice self care during, and after your pregnancy to ensure mother, and baby, really feel as comfortable and happy as possible.

Practice self love regarding your body!
With so much happening to your body in a short space of time, it can be normal to feel overwhelmed when you start experience your body changing. Whether you find yourself with a perfect baby bump, or you seem to have lumps and bumps absolutely everywhere, your body during pregnancy is absolutely beautiful either way and you should keep telling yourself that! Pregnancy can cause all sorts of weird and wonderful things to happen physically, but celebrate each and every one of them because it shows that you are a strong woman who is carrying a child! Your body is strong enough to carry a child! Celebrate that every single day and love the hell out of that mum bod!

Do things you enjoy
It can be tempting to fall into the mummy to be bubble and get a bit lost in all things ‘pregnancy’ but it really is so important to take some time away from a world of choosing a baby name, buying everything your baby needs, choosing the perfect pram for you, and “nesting” in general, and still focus on doing things for yourself, and doing things that make you happy! Your body is going through absolute turmoil every single day so if you want to treat yourself to a super long bubble bath, you go and do it! If you want to go out with your friends and let your hair down (in a pregnancy friendly way, of course!) do it and don’t for a second feel guilty for it! You deserve to do what makes you feel happy whatever that may be (again, as long as it is pregnancy friendly!) and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for it. Nobody can even judge you if you decide you want to blast out horrendously cheesy feel-good music for 2 hours and wiggle that baby bod around in the mirror, because if anyone can get away with listening to “Man I Feel Like a Woman” on repeat, it’s you. Enjoy yourself!

Get a massage
The benefits of Post and Prenatal Massage can be absolutely amazing and well worth considering having during and after your pregnancy. In pregnancy massage, the massage is soft and gentle to help protect the developing baby using the appropriate methods and techniques. There are also certain pressure points that need to be avoided in the massage while the mother is pregnant to ensure the massage is fully safe to mother and child so always ensure you go to a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. The massage after birth will be directed to helping you recover after your pregnancy and birth including relieving any back of pelvic pains, excess fluid and fat deposits of the stomach. Sounds pretty good, right?

Pregnancy Self Care Tips


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