5 Easy Home Decor Tips You Need To Know

Your home should be your absolute favourite place to be. A happy space full of all of your favourite things, your favourite colours, and a place that is practical for your needs and lifestyle. Decorating your home can be a really fun project and a chance to get creative and build yourself a home that you adore. That being said, whilst it can be fun, not all of us have a natural flare for interior design and that's totally fine, because there are plenty of resources online to draw inspiration from. Pinterest is a god send for this with endless amounts of beautiful decor images covering every single colour scheme and style imaginable, and hashtags on Instagram such as #myhomevibe & #homedecor are another great way to quickly get inspiration and ideas. Then of course we have fabulous articles such as this one, offering tips and advice on a few things to consider in your decorating journey.

Take a look at these top tips for quick and easy ways on improving even the most basic of spaces:

One of the quickest and most effective ways to transform a space in your home is by adding plants. Big or small, green or colourful, this is entirely down to you/your preferences and the space you have to work with.

A top tip when it comes to plants in the home:
If you are unsure how to care for plants, or if your room doesn't have the right conditions, go fake! Fake plants are a fantastic alternative to the real thing and a lot more cost effective if you think your plant may die a rapid death in your care.

If you are undergoing a major renovation project and completely re-decorating a space, flooring is going to be one of the major changes and practicality is the most important thing to consider. It needs to be long lasting and suited to your needs and environment. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to flooring all varying in price, from engineered wood flooring, to carpet, to vinyl. Wood flooring almost always ensures a luxurious finish visually, and is easier to clean than carpet. 

A top tip when it comes to flooring:
Opting for a rug combined with wood flooring is a great alternative to covering the entire floor in carpet. Rugs are cheaper, are easier to swap and change if you change the colour scheme of the room, and still offer a soft, cosy texture to the floor area.

Art is of course, subjective. If this to you means art on the wall, or a sculpture, of even a piece of furniture, adding an element of art to the home adds something special and personal to the room. It doesn't have to be expensive if you are on a budget either! Art is where you can really start to get creative in your home and add decorations which you enjoy!

A top tip when it comes to art:
Make your own! It's fun and DIY projects will guarantee a one off, bespoke piece!

Adding a range of different textures to a room adds layers and makes the room look and feel a lot more cosy and stylish. Contrasting soft and hard, light and dark fabrics, textiles and colours, as well as adding different scents will enable you to take the room into a whole different vibe. Don't be afriad to mix and match and have fun with it. There are no rules! Although, every home should at least have one super soft, fluffy throw to snuggle under on cold days. That's the only rule in my opinion!

A top tip when it comes to texture:
Soft furnishings are the best. Grab yourself some super soft cushions to act as both accessories, and to snuggle into!

The most important tip! Add your personality into your home! We are all unique and our homes should reflect that. If you have a favourite colour, paint the wall in it. If you have a hobby or specific interest, use that as a means of decoration of some sort. If you want a minimal home, or if you want a maximal home, just do it! This is the part you get to have the most fun with, and what is really going to change your home from being an ordinary one, to a special one that suits who you are.

A top tip when it comes to personality:
Add photos! Frame some of your favourite memories, photos, or people. Filling your home with personal items will make your home feel much more welcoming.

Do you have any tips for home decor? Leave them in a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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