Why Diamond Certificates Are Important

There are several respected and reputable labs that evaluate and approve diamonds in order to validate their grading. This verification provides peace of mind and shows that the diamond is in fact genuine and worth every cent of your money. 

The importance of certificates shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to buying or investing in diamonds. If you are looking at somewhere that doesn’t have a certificate to back up the sale of a diamond, we suggest that you run a mile. A certificate is some form of insurance and if you ever come to sell your diamond, you will want a valid certificate by your side. 

Whether you have diamond rings or a diamond necklace, the certificate is an essential part of the buying process and an absolute must. You will find that reputable shops always have certificates, among others, to show you when selling diamonds. You can try checking out the Certified Diamond Network Sydney shop for some well-crafted diamond jewellery pieces. 

Why Diamond Certificates Are Important 
First and foremost, it’s crucial to know that you are paying the right price for the diamond. The certificate enables you to be aware of this. However, are all certificates rated the same? Not exactly. Some labs have stricter and more robust grading systems, whereas others are less consistent. 

You want to go with renowned grading labs such as the GIA when looking for certifications. AGS is also another valid diamond certification that can give you peace of mind when making a sound investment in a new diamond. 

When it comes to making a safe and smart purchase of diamonds, checking the grading certificate of those precious pieces is a must. This official third-party document proves and describes all of the characteristics of the diamond. From the carat to the colour, you will get the proof of everything in this one essential document. 

You can even get a breakdown of the length and width and exact measurements of a diamond. The professional jewellers have a range of tools that give them insight into the smaller details of the diamond and enable them to create this accurate document. 

As all grading labs are not created equally however, you will want to ensure you go for one that is most reputable. 

Ensuring the certificate is consistent is highly important. Instead of looking at grades between certifications, look for the consistency into how the entity is decided and come to certain grading conclusions. Ask yourself, are these consistent? If they are, this is a very good sign that you have struck gold and have a brilliant diamond on your hand. 

The Subjectivity Of Diamond Grading 
Remember that diamond grading can be subjective. So even if one lab calls one colour ‘G’ for example, the other lab can call it ‘F’. So, this is another factor you will want to look out for as it doesn’t mean that the certificate cannot be trusted. However, it will mean you have to read between the lines and do some research instead of quickly reading through and gathering conclusions.  

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