How to win playing slots

Looking to get lucky on slots but having a hard time striking a winning combination?

Well, we've pulled together a list of tips that can help you make the most out of your time on the slots when you visit Dream Jackpot Casino.

  1. Our first rule to consider before you think about your wallet is too have fun!
  2. Make sure you play a casino which has a variety of different slot games. This way you'll be able to get the most of your money out of a casino without compromising on your gameplay.
  3. Look out for the best return to the player. This is the potential percentage of the money you can earn back from playing a spin. We'd recommend always looking for a game with an 80% RTP for the best payback.
  4. Know your budget. Before you start spending too much money on one night, make sure you set a limited amount of money in the casino that you'll willing to pay. For instance, many places can allow you to set budgets of £50 for either a day or a week. This way, you'll be able to play without worrying you're spending too much.
  5. On the back of the return to player, it's useful to consider what type of jackpot slot machine you want to play on. The machines with the lower payouts won't make you a millionaire overnight, but you'll be able to play for longer.
  6. Our last and useful tip it to watch out for the free spins. Not all casinos or slot machines offer these but take advantage when you find them.

Now that we've covered the top ten tips of winning slot machines, we thought we'd give you some extra tips for when it comes to choosing your game.

Small Jackpots

We know it's tempting to pick a game with the highest jackpot but trust us if you want the highest chance of winning chose the game with the smallest prize. You'll find it easier to walk away with money in your pocket if the jackpot's low. This is because the larger jackpots are usually fixed with a lot worse odds and they take hours of playing to create the huge jackpots. The smaller pots, on the other hand, don't take as long as long to be created and payout faster!

Video Slots

Video reel slot machines do give the most impressive gameplay, which is why they often attract a lot of players. But with great gameplay comes a lower payout. There's no coincidence this happens either, due to the graphics needed for a video slot machine reel make the game slower. The casino knows this and therefore charges more money to compensate for their lack of money during spins.

Minimum Payout

Occasionally video slots have a fixed maximum payout other slots have progressive jackpots which increase every time a player spins but doesn't win. A progressive jackpot can be pretty enticing because they pay out a lot more than the maximum payout machines. But, as an individual, your odd of winning a progressive jackpot are lower as you're playing against a lot more people.


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