UK based blogger, inspirational speaker, and owner of City Of Sirens

- Voted as one of Norfolk's top young leaders 2015

- Voted as one of East Anglia's most inspiring women 2015

- Voted as East Anglia's Unsung Hero 2015

- Nominated for Positive Role Model at the 2015 National Diversity Awards

- Nominated for best in show blog at the WEGO Health awards 2015

Why blog?
Some years ago now back when I was a teenager, I became incredibly ill with an incurable illness. I was paralysed for months and seriously ill for many years. I couldn't walk, I could hardly talk and I even suffered memory loss too. It was during this time I was inspired to start this blog, from my sickbed primarily just as a means of entertainment and something to help pass the time. It has since grown into something much bigger. It is now a creative space, a space where I can share, a space where I can write, and a space where I can inspire. You'll find various topics being shared on my blog. So get comfy, grab a drink and have a browse!


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