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  1. Hi Hayley,

    Just saw your Daily Mirror article where it says you have an 'incurable' disease. This may not be the case. Dr Myhill has been helping thousands to get back to health from ME.

    You can join a facebook group here with like minded suffererers that are helping themselves back to health with Dr Myhills help.

    Her website:

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Hayley I just read your article in the Daily Mail and made this comment - So sorry to hear Hayley's rapid decline into ill health ME is a somewhat dustbin diagnosis when doctors fail to find any other diagnosis. Face droop is commonly referred to as Bells Palsy a very common sign for someone suffering with Lyme disease - Lyme Neuroborreliosis is a strong contender for all Hayley's symptoms and a look at the Lyme Neuroborreliosis leaflet on Lyme Disease Action website explains it in simple terms.
    Sadly testing for Lyme disease is poor missing about 50% of cases - they are antibody tests and many reasons why one does not produce the antibodies tested in sufficient numbers. In fact some Lyme (Borrelia) species don't even have tests available to find them.
    As the NHS are not well informed when it comes to Lyme Disease many hundreds of patients travel to specialist doctors with experience of dealing with this complex disease. Borrelia is a spirochetal bacteria and treatable with antibiotics maybe long term. Some walk again after being wheelchair bound.'
    There is so much to understand about Lyme Disease so please don't dismiss it without due research. Lyme Disease Action website is a good start ( even doctors have to go private to get proper treatment so poor is the knowledge within NHS) There is an excellent Facebook group Lyme Disease UK Discussion group or maybe check some of the information out on my blog - so many of us get diagnosed with ME when in fact it is an underlying infection and many don't even know they have been bitten by a tick as they can be so tiny and not everyone gets the typical bulls eye rash.
    Good luck in finding the underlying cause of your ME.

    1. Hi Joanne. Thank you for taking the time out to comment this, I truly appreciate it! Lyme disease has been mentioned to be a few times today since the article went out in the press, so it is definitely something I need to research and look into further. Thanks again for this.

    2. So pleased that you are open to this idea - I posted your Daily Mail article in the Lyme Disease UK discussion group on Facebook and many agreed with me that you need to look into this disease. Some have recovered from being wheel chair bound, myself I was housebound and retired early from the civil Service but am now doing really well have my health and life back. However it is a complex disease to diagnose, the testing in NHS is poor some use foreign labs which NHS doesn't always accept but when we source treatment nearly everyone I have met ( over 1000 people) have some improvements with antibiotics long term although other treatments are also needed.
      Do as much research as you can and don't be put off by the ineptitude of doctors who haven't even read the science of this complex disease. By all means e mail me at It is sometimes better to discuss privately or in a closed group. Best wishes.

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  3. Hey Hayley, just saw the article about you in the Express and The Mail, just wanted to write to congratulate you and wish you well. Tom Kindlon from the Irish ME association shared it on Facebook, or else I wouldn't have seen it. I think you are now legitimately semi-famous! Hope things are going good with you, still enjoying the blog, as always it looks great.¡Que tengas mucha suerte con todo, guapa!

  4. Sorry to hear of your illness
    Greater awareness leads to more information on solutions

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