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In December 2014, I had my first major media coverage when my story was featured in a dozen national newspapers. I shared my story with severe M.E and how despite having the condition I won't let it stand in the way of things I am passionate about, such as raising awareness, advocating, modelling and living life as fully as physically possible. Since then, I have been featured in a handful of other publications across various platforms both here in the UK, and also abroad.

I am incredibly humbled by all of this. To know that my story is resonating with people is completely overwhelming. I am after all just a normal girl who wants to do good and raise awareness of illness and disability, whilst inspiring people and showing that we can do anything even when faced with obstacles.

I will be listing here on this page all of my media coverage.

For interview requests, or any press or media enquirers, please contact






I'd like to thank you all for your continuous support.

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