Wednesday, 25 February 2015

MY YOUTUBE DEBUT // Five things I have learnt from having M.E

Last week my first solo video went up on my new channel 'A Spoonful Of She' There are references to Jackass, dogs in sunglasses, and talk about how gravy doesn't make a good shampoo... and if that doesn't lure you into watching it, I don't know what will!

A Spoonful Of She is a channel set up by myself, and four other ladies who just like me all have chronic health conditions. We wanted to create the channel together, because blogging, as well as maintaining a YouTube channel is hard enough for healthy people, let alone those who have illnesses. This way we can 'share the load' whilst supporting each other, and hopefully offering something new too. We are all really excited to get started and we would love your support so please go and subscribe!

Are you on YouTube? Leave your channel name in a comment below and I'll come and take a look :)

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Beauty: Vegan cosmetics ARBONNE review

It's been a while since I last did a beauty post. But have no fear, I'm back again with a review on the vegan skincare and cosmetics brand - ARBONNE. Arbonne is a 35 year old botanically based health and wellness company based on Swiss heritage, and they use plant based formulations blended with Swiss Science.

I've been really leaning towards vegan skincare lately, and all of Arbonne's products are plant based and vegan certified. They are paraban and chemical free and clinically proven in independent trials. I was really intrigued so I agreed to test the products and review them. My representative asked me what my areas of concern were, to which I replied, break outs and sensitivity. I also told her that I have combination skin, so she recommended the following products. 


I love this foundation! It gives such a brilliant coverage and has a matte finish, which I like. I only used a minimal amount so I was really impressed with how great the coverage was. I also like that is has SPF 15 in it too. I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a vegan foundation which you are going to get good results from, you wouldn't need to apply too much as it really does go a long way!
Overall rating 9/10


Anything that combines two in one I am straight away a fan of. I'm all about saving time and energy in my skincare routine! I really liked this product, again like the foundation it's one of those products that goes a long way so you don't need to apply a lot. The scent smells fresh and clean, not too heavy or perfumed, which I really liked. It left my skin feeling really soft and smooth.
Overall rating 7/10

Again, like the cleanser + toner, this product has a fresh and clean scent. Designed for oily/combination skin. The consistency isn't too liquid based, so it is perfect for applying makeup after without looking oily or needing to wait ages after application for it to dry, so I'd definitely recommend this for everyday use. 
Overall rating 6/10


I really liked the scent of the shampoo and conditioners. They smell sweet but natural and left my hair feeling really soft and nourished. Both are suitable for coloured hair.

I did find that I needed to use quite a lot of the shampoo to cover my whole head, but other than that I did like the product and it left my hair voluminous and feeling thicker.
Overall Rating 6/10

The conditioner left my hair so soft, I preferred the conditioner to the shampoo. The next day my hair was shiny and still felt super soft at the ends.
Overall rating 7/10

This is by far my favourite product of all those I tested. I have quite dry ends as my hair is bleached, so it tends to need a bit more TLC so I always opt for serums and oils to help with that. This serum smells really sweet and a small amount the size of a coin applied on to the fingers and then rubbed together and then rubbed through the ends of m hair was more than enough. You'd definitely get a lot of use from this product, especially because too much can make your hair look and feel greasy. The serum left my hair looking and feeling healthier. I would definitely recommend this to anyone whose hair is in need of some TLC!
£22.00 | Worth it? Yes!
Overall rating 9/10

All in all, if you are a fan of vegan products I would definitely recommend Arbonne. My representative Sidionie was a huge help and recommended which products to try based on my skin type and areas of concern. Her details are:

Consultant Sidonie McMullen - ID: 441235044

For 20% off email - just say I sent you!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Army Of No Country

Army Of No Country are this really cool, independent brand, and I just love my new bull skull tee from their store! What I really like about independent brands and Army Of No Country is you can find pieces that not everyone is going to own. When I came across their site I straight away fell in love and will probably end up buying a couple more of their T-shirts as I am really pleased with the quality, which for the bargain price of £20 is pretty bloody brill. All of their tee's are unisex too so for all of the men that read my blog (and there are more of you than you'd think!) this one is for you too.

I actually got given these rings recently too and was wondering what I'd wear them with as I don't own anything pink, or anything that would compliment pink until now, so all in all I'm a pretty happy Army gal right about now!

To check out more from Army Of No Country visit them at their website: and you can also follow them on Instagram: @armyofnocountry 

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

I was on TV and I'm now on YouTube!

Two very exciting things have happened this week. I made my first TV appearance on Wednesday for Mustard TV, and our Youtube channel has also just been launched! Bad news if you find my face annoying though, in which case I am sorry, but I was born like it.

Going on TV was so fun. They approached me and wanted to do an interview about M.E and me and to talk about what I am doing now which is just hoping to inspire people and trying to raise as much awareness not only for M.E but for disability in general as I can through blogging and also modelling. The presenters Darren Eadie and Beth Davison were so so lovely and the whole station were very accommodating. I had my hair and makeup done by a pro, although she said everything was pretty much perfect so it looks like the hours I have spent wasting my life away watching beauty guru's on YouTube has finally paid off... I'm pretty pleased with how the interview went, although watching yourself back is always super awkward, more so when you say about 100 W's when trying to tell them what your URL is.

Our YouTube channel 'A Spoonful Of She' has also just been launched! A little later than anticipated but live nonetheless. It is a channel set up with 5 girls (Emma, myself, Meg, Rachel and Sophia) who all have chronic health conditions which we will talk about on the channel, as well as uploading videos about fashion, beauty, vlogs, and basically whatever we feel like uploading! We'd really appreciate some love, so go and subscribe! ♥

Let me know if you watch my interview and what your thoughts are, also let me know if you are on YouTube too and I will come and show some love!

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015


How amazing is this vintage Versace bomber? Incredible, right? It reminds me of this Spice Girl bomber jacket that I had when I was 8, only 100x cooler. Not that there is anything wrong with a Spice Girl bomber, and nor will there ever be, but there is really no comparison between Versace and some knock off Spice Girl merch from the market. 

I'm also really loving this slick rick hair lately too, it reminds me of my dancing days when I was forced to wear my hair like this to class everyday, but back then I had really chubby cheeks and I just looked like one big ball, which the record which is not a good look!

I also just want to say thank you so much for all of the lovely messages, comments, tweets, etc after my story went into the newspapers again last week (see here) - as always I am incredibly inspired and humbled at how kind and supportive you all are.

So much love!

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I'm the the press, again!

Yesterday I was in the Eastern Daily Press. (The paper covering East Anglia) You may (or may not) remember that at the end of 2014 I was featured in a dozen national newspapers, sharing my story with M.E and why I have chosen to pursue modelling, despite having the condition which I blogged about here

I thought I would share this feature on the blog too just because unless you are Beyonce, and let's face it I'm not (although admittedly my inner Beyonce unleashes/booty shakes every time I hear any song by Queen Bee) it's not everyday you are in the press and any positive publicity for M.E as an illness is great, as is highlighting disabled models and all we stand for. 

I should also note that the real Queen (not Queen Bee) was on the page before me - single page I should add, ohhh yeah.

Here is the link to it on their website:

Oh hey Queeny on the page before me, looking lovely, Lizzy, as always!

I just want to say again, how much the continuous support means to me, you honestly have no idea how appreciated it is, not only for supporting me as an individual with a chronic health condition, but also supporting my blog. I am forever grateful for this amazing platform.

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*All photos copyright credit to the EDP and Nick Butcher

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Black Tied Jewellery - 15% Off

It was my birthday over the weekend, so in the spirit of giving, I've teamed up with blacktied jewellery so you lovely lot can get your hands on some of their beautiful jewellery, with 15% off! Pretty good right?!

I love Black Tied, their style is very bohemian gypsy and I absolutely love everything on their site. Below are some of my top picks [click for links]

Image Map

The offer will run until the 25th of February, just enter the code HE15 at the checkout to get your 15% off! Enjoy ladies!

Let me know if you buy anything from with this code, I'd love to hear what you treated yourself to!

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