Some people like to make a loud statement with extravagant pieces, bold colors and out there styles. Others prefer the minimalist look. But going for something a bit more conservative doesn’t mean that you can’t show off a bit. While your understated outfit might not turn heads immediately, it can still have all the same glamor about it. Using a few great accessories is a simple way of breathing new life into a more subtle outfit and turning it into something amazing. Accessorizing can be a lot harder than it looks and getting it wrong is a sure-fire way to end up with a terrible outfit. If you want to avoid a fashion faux pas, here are a few great tips to help you.

Most minimalist outfits tend to be fairly neutral colors. Lots of black, white and gray. Accessorizing is a brilliant way of adding a flash of color in there, and what better color than gold? A long gold necklace over a white shirt will always work, or you could try some pearl earrings for a bit of extra sparkle. The beauty of gold accessories is that they will work with most combinations so they’re versatile.  

Breathe Life Into A Dull Outfit

Once you’ve chosen to embark upon a career as a carpenter, there’s a few key things you’re going to need to do. Many will be under the impression that they can simply come up with a brand and start acquiring customers, but that couldn’t be further from what is required.
If you're serious about getting into the carpentry business, here are 4 of the most important things you must do.

4 Things You Must Do Before Becoming A Carpenter

When it comes to looking your best, not all solutions have to be ridiculously expensive and complicated. Sometimes, the best beauty tricks are both straightforward and affordable, which is great news for all of us. Ultimately, once you know them, you will be able to incorporate them into your everyday life. Though some of these may seem slightly unusual, you should give them a go to see what a difference they can make. Here are just a few simple beauty tricks that can help you to solve any beauty conundrum.

5 Ingenius Beauty Hacks

A woman is an independent person just like a guy, no matter how much society wants to say otherwise. So, men don’t make a woman what she is – the woman does that all by herself thank you very much. Still, that doesn’t mean that girls don’t want to be happy. If you’re into guys, that means finding one that it is bearable and adds value. Sure, some guys aren't worth your time or attention. But, some men have the following traits, and they are worth consideration.

Top 4 Attractive Traits In Guys

In the past, looking sensational for less than £20 was a pipe dream. There just weren’t the opportunities to find second-hand clothes like there is today, limiting people’s options. Now though, thanks to the internet and the rise of thrift stores, that’s all changed. Looking incredible for less than twenty bucks is finally a possibility.

For many women, thrift store shopping is a bit of a hobby. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to find exactly what you want and often you're lucky if you get close. But every once in awhile, a real gem comes your way and makes all those hours of searching through racks worthwhile. Bottom line: it’s fun.

Look Sensational For Under £20

Life Is For Living

Okay, is this the best trend the fashion world has ever seen? For years we’ve longed for a trend that puts comfort first — and it seems all those years of wishin’ have paid off! Now, we can step out in trainers, leggings, loose-fitting tees and even jogging bottoms all in the name of athleisure, officially our favourite EVER trend.
Okay, okay—maybe we’re getting carried away. It’s not like we can crawl out of bed, throw on our trackies and expect to look like Kate Moss. While the basics of this look are comfort classics, you’ll need to style it right to create a perfectly polished look. Here, we explain the basics of athleisure to take your look from slob to sass.
Athleisure: Getting the sports-luxe look

When you use social media, a lot of things could go wrong. Some pictures you post could reveal information that the people involved didn’t want to show, there’s a chance an ex or someone might be stalking you and since your information is public it opens up an opportunity to be scammed or conned by people looking to make a quick buck.

However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid using social media. For all the negatives, there are probably several positives that can help improve your lifestyle in many different ways. In most cases, you’re probably just social media the “wrong” way. Now to clarify, there isn’t really a wrong way to use social media assuming you stay within the rules, but there are always going to be things you can do to improve your social media standing and make it contribute positively to your life instead of becoming a burden.

You're Using Social Media Wrong


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