All trades and professions have advantages and disadvantages, but for some people they love their job so much, the downsides are insignificant. There are others who hate the work they do but have no choice because they need the money.  You spend roughly one-third of your waking hours at work, so how do you go about choosing the right job for you?

Choosing the Right Job for You

Ideas For Planning A Winter Wedding 
Winter weddings have long been hailed as the apex of romance, and you can’t help but visualize the scene and envisage snowdrops growing on either side of a cobbled path leading to a cozy, candlelight church. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the reality and winter can hold many surprises up its sleeve by way of short blizzards and sleeting rain. You’ll need to prepare for all weather eventualities so that the wind, rain, or even snow doesn’t scupper your plans. If you prepare, then no amount of cold weather will ruin your special day, and you can look back on your wedding as the winter wonderland fantasy you planned it to be. 

Keep It Cosy 
If you’re getting married in the winter months, then you’ll have to spare a considerable thought to how you’re going to keep warm and brace from the chilly weather. Think roaring log fires and faces warmed by the glow of the crackling flames. The location you choose should provide you with the cozy setting you want, so look at having both your ceremony and reception in a homely establishment. It will also negate the need of traveling from one venue to the next and risking getting caught in the cold. Look at places in the country, such as luxury hotels and romantic wedding venues in Suffolk, like Woodhall Manor if you choose to celebrate your wedding in the UK. You can truly deck the halls, so to speak, with don't hold back on a variety of floral arrangements. Since it’s winter, you’ll want to bring the outside in so lavish the venue with as much foliage you wish. 

Ideas For Planning A Winter Wedding

Intimacy is at the heart of every committed relationship. Yet, it’s easy to become complacent when in a long-term partnership. It is, however, important to look for ways to keep the flame burning, even after many years have gone by. Here’s how to improve intimacy within your relationship.

How to Improve Intimacy within Your Relationship

Ever wanted to be a successful and independent person? That’s an admirable goal, but you need to understand that the things you’ve learned about being successful are probably convoluted and unnecessarily complicated. To help you out, we’ve put together some simple rules of success that apply to any job, any career and any lifestyle.

1. Stop apologizing
Don’t apologize for every little thing. Unless you’ve actually done something wrong that causes someone pain and frustration, banish the word from your vocabulary and focus on positivity, not apologizing.

2. Don’t sell yourself short
Think you’re not worth much? Think again. Never sell yourself short no matter what profession you are in. Don’t take lower wages, don’t let people force you to work for free, and don’t let people talk you down.

3. Stop categorizing yourself
It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, Asian, Hispanic or anything–you are who you are. Your title as a CEO, a writer or a designer has nothing to do with your gender or race. Be yourself and don’t let people say otherwise.

4. Learn to smile
Networking and setting a good first impression are both important in the world of business. Successful people understand this and they show it through their smile.

5. Don’t get involved
Never get involved with other people’s business. Don’t give people attention for something they’ve caused unless it directly affects you and your success. Avoid them and focus your efforts on your own things, not someone else’s problems.
The Rules of Success Are Simpler Than You Think

Beauty trends have become more fun, personalized, and glamorous than ever before. In 2018, beauty trends are bringing in bold colors, luxury products from other countries, clean makeup, and more. Keep reading to find out which beauty tips you shouldn’t miss out on this year.

Essential beauty tips for 2018

OK, so we know it’s still rainy and cold outside, and those glorious spring days may seem like a long way off yet, but we’re almost into March (I know, how has that happened?!) and soon the evenings will be getting lighter and we will be bidding farewell to the de-icer, and warmly welcoming blue skies and sunshine on our faces. Yes, I am talking about the arrival of spring. Most of us all love a good spring clean and organising our lives after hibernating over the winter. Starting the season a fresh is a such fabulous feeling and where better to start with said spring clean than with our wardrobe. Every year when the seasons change, I love putting away those winter warmers and bringing out lighter fabrics. There is something so liberating about the first day of the year where you can step outdoors without a coat on, don't you agree?
Now girls, let's be real. We don’t really need much of an excuse to browse online through our favourite shops, but this time of year is the perfect time to treat yourself in celebration of surviving the winter. With a new season, comes new trends and hunting down some new pieces for our shiny, freshly organised spring wardrobe is something that just has to be done. You know, as a reward for enduring all those cold miserable days not long passed...

Style Tips For Transitioning Into Spring

Ever since ancient times, humans have kept pets and it isn’t hard to see why – pets are great! While we might probably not go as far as our ancestors from 12,000 years ago who were actually buried alongside their pets, but they still remain a big part of lives.

They provide companionship, improve health, listen to us and help us form relationships. Not to mention all the hilarious things they do - we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole of funny pet videos on YouTube when 30 seconds of procrastinating ends up being a four-hour marathon watching every silly video in existence of a laughing cat.

Six great things about owning a pet

Braces were once known to be a rare thing, but nowadays braces can be seen on many people. Although mostly seen in children and teens, adults are now embracing healthy teeth and are taking the plunge into getting braces too. You can get invisible ones if you are worried about how they may look. Either way, there are many benefits of getting braces and they are only temporary, which will lead to a better you.

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Get Braces


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