Self-esteem is a tricky part of life to keep on the straight and narrow. All too often, it can veer off course, affecting every part of our lives, from our friendships to our working habits. The trick when suffering from low or fluctuating self-esteem is to take the initiative and source your own extra confidence to reinforce against any growing sense of worthlessness. Here are some easy-to-remember tips for those experiencing flagging self-esteem, who feel ready to take the bull by the horns and boost themselves into a better mindset.


Five Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

Switching from smoking to vaping is a wise decision that many people have already made, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking. In fact, it can actually be a pleasure. Because you’re replacing one habit with another, the transition can be much easier than you’d think. These six tips can help. 

Top Tips for Switching from Smoking to Vaping

As we go through life it is easy to forget to look after ourselves the way we should. We eat the wrong things, drink the wrong things, go to sleep with makeup on and skip the gym because we can’t be bothered to go. Looking after yourself doesn’t mean that you have to treat your body as a temple, but you do have to believe that you’re a goddess and that you’re worth the effort. All of these things should be done for yourself and not for anyone else, the way you fell and the way you look is something that you should determine for you, and not because someone told you that you should be a certain way. When you spend time pampering yourself, putting makeup on and choosing an outfit to wear, you shouldn’t be made to feel like you’re not beautiful without it all, nor that you are any less beautiful for wearing it. If it makes you feel good, then why not? 

When it comes to your health, you need to speak up. When you feel ill, you need to see a doctor. It happens too often that people just don’t want to go to the doctor’s simply because it inconveniences them. It is also annoying that doctor’s surgeries always have a waiting list and close before half of the population is home from work. So look into things like GPs powered by babylon, an online GP app that allows you to chat to a doctor at any time. 

When choosing what to eat, you are more than welcome to all of the ‘bad’ food people tell you not to eat, just eat it in moderation. A healthy balanced diet is all you need to live a healthy lifestyle, and still have room for some treats now and again. Just think about introducing new recipes and ingredients into your diet - dark green veg is rich in iron, swapping cows milk for almond will help to reduce bloat and clear your skin, less carbs do the same thing. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the things you love, just make sure it’s in moderation. 

Again, exercising doesn’t mean you suddenly become a gym bunny or change your whole lifestyle. But introducing a workout routine will always benefit your body. If you want something out of the gym, then try running, swimming or yoga. There are workouts you can do at home and ones that only take ten minute a day. 

So many people lose confidence in themselves because of their skin. But there are many things you can do to help clear it up. The first is one already mentioned; changing your diet. Dairy, caffeine and sugar all contribute to bad skin so think about swapping for different products. A daily skin care routine will go a long way towards clearing up acne and evening out your complexion, just don’t forget sunscreen in your routine. You can also give your skin a deep cleanse with an exfoliating mask or scrub, followed by steaming your face. Fill a basin with hot water and lean into the steam, drape a towel over your head to trap the steam. You can add essential oils to the water to give your skin an extra boost. 

The Art Of Looking After Yourself

Receiving a wedding invite is an honour — the fact that the special couple wants you to be there to share their day with them is a nice note. But being a wedding guest doesn’t come without preparation. Choosing a gift is hard enough, but what about an outfit? Selecting a guest outfit for a wedding in the UK is hard enough, but what about if you’ve been invited to a wedding of a different culture? Together with Charles Tyrwhitt, retailers of timeless menswear, we look at how the dress code of a wedding changes depending on the background of the newlyweds. 

What To Wear To a Wedding in a Different Culture

With over 100,000 children being injured in some way when they play out in the garden each year, it’s no wonder that parents and grandparents are always looking for ways to make their outside spaces that much safer. It’s great when the little ones can run free and have fun without the adults having to worry that something will happen, so here are some ideas on how to do just that. 

How To Make Your Garden Safe For Kids

It’s good to be busy, but you also have to know when to slow down. It’s difficult to stay upbeat and positive when you’re tired and overworked. You have to know when enough is enough and then take action to fix the situation, so that you can be happy and healthy. 

All it takes sometimes is a few days of fun activities to get you feeling back like yourself again. It’s a good idea always to have a list of options for how to relax and unwind. Keep it handy and use it when you’re feeling overwhelmed. There are many ways to treat yourself, but below are a few places where you can start.  

Spa Day
Spend a day at the spa getting pampered with your favourite services. Schedule a massage, facial and manicure and pedicure to name a few. Leave your phone at home and go ready to kick back and relax. Being at the spa is enough to put you in a calm mindset. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and won’t be so anxious when it’s time to get back to work. 

Book A Hotel
Go stay a night or two at a beautiful hotel. Click here to search and find hotel deals in your area. Take your time and read about the amenities for each. You’ll feel like a new person after getting away for a few nights. Go by yourself or with a friend, whichever you find more relaxing. Plan a mix of activities, including sitting by the water or pool. Bring a book and catch up on reading that you haven’t had a chance to do since you got so busy. 

Take A Sick Day at Home
There’s nothing wrong with asking for a day off of work to care for yourself. If you’re feeling stressed out, it’s the perfect solution to help get you back on your feet. Watch movies, take a bath and make your favourite foods. It’s also a good idea to catch up on your sleep. Use it as a day dedicated to thinking about anything but work and pampering yourself. Don’t worry about work because it’ll all be there for you when you return to the office. 

Go Shopping 
Head out shopping when you’re feeling down about how much you’ve been working. This is a proven way to instantly perk up. Get lost in finding the perfect new outfit and trying on fancy clothes you only dream of buying. Walking, shopping and buying a new item or two for yourself will lift your spirits. It’s a positive way to spend your hard-earned money and treat yourself after all the hard work you put in.

Do well at your job, but don’t let it get to a point where you’re no longer taking care of you. Keep these ideas on standby in case you begin to take on more assignments and could use a break. Remember that it’s up to you to make sure you schedule time and activities to recover and rejuvenate. 

4 Ways To Treat Yourself When You've Been Working Too Hard

It is always a horrible time to see your parent’s health deteriorate. They were the ones who raised you. They were the ones who were there for you when you needed help, and in many cases still need help. When you reach the point where your parent needs you, but you can’t give that help because you aren’t qualified to help them with their medical or health conditions, you need the extra help to ensure everyone is looked after. 

What happens, though, when your parent says no to the help you’re offering them? How do you convince your parent to accept home care when they are so adamantly against it? It can be incredibly frustrating, because you want them around as long as possible, and you cannot help them with their medical requirements, or offer them the therapy that they need. You can get them the help that they need, and they can get that help in their home, you just need to be understanding and becoming more knowledgeable of the situation, so that you can persuade them.

How to Introduce Home Care When Your Loved One Says No

Global warming, deforestation, and species extinction are just some of the many horrible things that are happening to the planet we call home. As almost every one of these problems is a direct or indirect result of the ever-expanding human civilization, it is imperative that we take measures to counter the effects. As a part of the civilization, it helps greatly if we all take some of the initiatives ourselves by adopting a greener lifestyle at home. In addition to being good for the environment, the points we are going to mention below are actually good for you and your family as well.

Adopting a Greener Lifestyle at Home: 5 Ways to Do It


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