There comes a time in any relationship when the butterflies you experience when you see your other half disappear and real-life steps in. This is perfectly normal, of course, but if you are not careful, comfortable affection fades and you start living separate lives. The important thing is to maintain a sense of intimacy, as without intimacy your relationship will suffer.

For most couples, stress and overwork takes its toll on intimacy. When we are desperately tired after a long week at work, it’s not surprising that sex is the first thing that falls off the menu. Once sex dies, intimacy isn’t far behind. After all, if you are tired and not in the mood for sex, you instinctively draw away from your partner because you know that a hug may lead to a request for sex. Once you get into this pattern of behaviour, it’s a downward spiral. The good news is that you can bring back the spark, but it will require some effort.
Remember How Things Were?
Think back to when you two first met. Did you spend entire weekends in bed? If so, think back to how that felt and how much fun you had. Sure, life happened, but you can rediscover the passion if you try hard enough. The spark may have faded, but it’s still there, waiting to be rekindled.

Sexy Flirting

Start with a bit of sexy flirting. Try sending your partner a sexy text message when he’s at work or if you spend time apart because if your jobs, indulge in some phone sex. It’s an easy way to spice up your love life without actually getting physical, but if you are out of practice, get some experience using a service like All this flirting will ramp up the tension nicely, so by the time you go to bed, you won’t need to expend a lot of effort to reach the finish line. It’s also fun to take sexy photos and use them to tease your partner. For example, you could go lingerie shopping and send a few photos from the changing room. Your partner will love it, but be careful not to send your sexy pics to the wrong person in your contact list, or it could get a bit awkward.

Sex Ban

It may sound counterintuitive, but declaring you are not going to have sex for a specified amount of time may just put you in the mood. You can touch each other, but no full on sex. Unsurprisingly, if we can’t have something, we generally want it so much more.

Just Do It

More often than not, if you go ahead and have sex, you will actually enjoy it. Overcoming the reluctance factor is the hard part, especially if you are tired and feeling out of sorts, so put your reluctance to one side and just do it. Your relationship will benefit enormously.
Don’t let the passion die in your relationship – follow the tips above and you can restore intimacy in no time!

Simple Ways to Restore the Passion in a Long-Term Relationship

3 Things To Do During A Stay-In-Bed Day

The path to finding true love is not always an easy one. When you’re in a relationship and it’s not going well, or it’s reached the point where you should either feel ready to make a bigger commitment or to call it a day, it’s not always easy to decide what to do. If you've been single for a while, it's sometimes hard to envisage how you can move forward and into a rewarding relationship.

Of course, if you’re with someone, ideally you’d be able to talk through any issues or big decisions together. If you’re looking for a new partner, you’d hope that you’d be able to decide what kind of relationship you want or the type of person you’d like to be with. However, it’s not always easy to make decisions about love without talking things through with someone.

The question is: where you should seek advice on your love life and what are the benefits in consulting other people?

Most of us turn to trusted friends or a family member when we’re looking for personal advice. However, discussing our love life with someone who’s personally connected to you can be difficult. If, for instance, you were considering ending a relationship, the friend you confide in might have their own opinion on the situation and try to influence your decisions because of that bias. It may be awkward for some friends to advise you if they are close to both you and your partner. That’s not to say you shouldn’t discuss love life problems with your friends or family; just be aware they may not be completely impartial.

Where to Seek Love Life Advice

If you have heard of something called Dermaroller then you likely would have heard of Micro-needling. Dermaroller is just the more common name for it. If you haven't, and you are unsure what it is exactly, it's a process by which a roller or stamp-like tool covered in tiny needles is used to poke many holes into the skin. The holes are so small that they are barely visible, but collectively they are meant to improve skin health.
Should You Try Micro-Needling (Dermaroller) or Not?

The top reasons to speak to a psychic

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If there is one thing that is worth investing in, it's lingerie. Making sure you are giving those lovely breasts of yours the love and care they deserve is important. We all know we should be spending more on good quality underwear - especially bras, and making sure they are fitting us properly. Saying that I think we are all guilty of sometimes thinking more about the bank balance over taking care of our bodies. I'm sure we've all been there, you buy cheap bras thinking you will be saving a few pounds, but most of the time that £6 bra ends up falling apart, or ends up giving you back and neck ache. I truly believe investing in good quality underwear and lingerie is money well spent. Your boobs and bum will thank you for it!

As a lady with fairly large breasts, I often find shopping for bras on the high street stressful. With limited styles in larger sizes and quite often nothing in my size at all I find shopping online is so much easier and there is a lot more choice. I love House Of Fraser for lingerie, and with having so many brands available such as Ann Summers, Calvin Klein and Heidi Klume Intimates to name just a few, there's always something available in the style and size you want. Whether you are buying for everyday wear, for a special occasion or even for a special someone, HOF is the best place to shop for stocking up your knicker drawer.

With happy bodies in mind, I have picked out my favourite pieces from House Of Fraser's lingerie department.

Sexy and sassy
The fun part about lingerie shopping definitely comes from this category! Feeling sexy and dressing up is all part of the fun and is normally a warmly welcomed treat from all parties. 

Lingerie @ HOF


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