We all know those people that buy one item of expensive clothing and feel like they’re the next Kim Kardashian, when their bank account is saying they’re definitely not. To be honest, we’ve probably all been guilty of this at one point or another. There’s just something about a brand new piece of clothing, that really hurts your pocket to buy, that just feel so damn good. All girls want to look their best, so sometimes life just takes us to the more expensive shops. But this article is here to tell you you don’t need to be splashing the cash all the time to look good. There are ways of looking fabulous without hardly spending a penny. Here’s how you can do it.


You’ll have old clothes that you don’t really like anymore, or don’t fit like they used to. Well, this doesn’t mean they have to be a write off. There’s so much you can do with old clothing to transform it to something funky and new. For example, that old top that rides up your belly a little now, you can easily turn it into a cropped top ready for the warmer weather to come back to us. All you have to do is cut a neat (ish) line all around the top. Measure it on yourself first and make sure you aren’t going too high, you’ll only waste a perfectly good top. Then, to neaten the line out a little, grab yourself a needle and some thread and triple stick the line. Fold it up slightly first to get rid of the jagged edges, and make sure it is a triple stitch. The last thing you want to be doing is walking around with it coming undone.

Shop Around

We’re all suckers for buying the first thing we see, when in reality a shop down the road could have the exact same top, or it’ll look exactly the same, for half the price. Don’t just rush to buying something because it looks perfect and you can’t live without it. Chances are it isn’t going to sell out straight away, and a quick shop around isn’t going to make it disappear. It could however, save you a lot of money. Now, this next bit of advice is something that a lot of you might turn your nose up at, but charity shops are some of the best places to grab a bargain. Some people turn their clothes in because they’ve took the tag off to find it just doesn’t fit. You could be having a brand new piece of clothing, for literally pennies. Some of the things in there might have been worn once or twice, but there’s just so many bargains to be had you’d be silly if you at least didn’t give it a go.

See, we don’t all need to walk around flashing our expensive clothes like Kimmy K to look good, there’s other ways of doing it without even spending a penny, which at this time of year is definitely a good idea.

Fashion Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

So you're engaged and starting to make plans for your big day, but who do you ask to be your bridesmaids? Deciding on your bridal party can sometimes be difficult. You will want your bridesmaids to be responsible enough to organise a memorable hen do for you, but fun enough to keep you smiling and your spirits high during a time which is going to get a little stressful. A 2016 survey conducted by hitched revealed that brides have on average 3 bridesmaids by their side on their wedding day, but what are the different types of bridesmaids and what makes each of them so great?

We have teamed up with The Waterfront Hotel, a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, to bring you this light-hearted guide.

Different types of bridesmaids and why you need them around

For thrill seeking drivers, they often find that they’re eyes are drawn towards fast sports cars. However, most of these are far from practical considering the limited space, high emissions and running costs. Fortunately, the breed of hot and hyper hatchbacks could be the perfect compromise between performance and practicality. Stylish and fun to drive, these cars can transport your kids to school in the morning and transform into mean machines in the evening devouring tracks and back country roads with poise and elegance. As an added bonus, a number of these cars are available with four-wheel drive capabilities.
These vehicles are available from most manufacturers. Here, together with Lookers, we take a look at seven of our current favourites including:

The Top 7 Hot Hatches

It’s hard to stay connected with the close friends that you made during university or college. It’s not because you love each other any less, but because you simply lead separate lives. This is especially true if you move away from one another. Instead of letting your friendships fade, keep them alive by planning regular girl’s holidays away to exciting places and having fun-filled adventures with your besties. It doesn’t matter if the trip only happens once a year – you can use this time to catch up, and use the trip to keep your friendship alive. To do this, follow these steps:

Planning Your Girls’ Holiday

When you spend a lot of money on jewellery, you will be wanting to keep it for the long-term. This means looking after it in the best way that you can. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t care for their jewellery properly so it becomes scuffed, discoloured and damaged over time. So you don’t end up becoming one of these people, we are going to focus on a few ways in which you can better care for your favourite jewellery and keep it looking great for life. You are likely to be getting your finest pieces out ready for the Christmas party season. Little and often is a good mantra to follow, and many of the techniques that we will discuss here only take a matter of minutes or even seconds.

The Art of Caring for Your Favourite Jewellery

Having more self-compassion is a great way to boost your confidence and help you to live a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t have your back, then you risk no one else having it either. While it’s good to have connections, you can’t rely on others to help you love yourself more.
It’s not as complicated as it sounds when you break it down into small habits. What you do each day matters and can make or break the way you feel about yourself. Letting negative feelings and situations build up inside without taking time to address them is a recipe for disaster. See simple ways to practice self-love.
Simple Ways To Practice Self-Love

We love our dogs, but we don’t always take the best care of them. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and if you don’t do a good job at caring for their needs they can get depressed, and even act out. That is why the most common solution for when your dog chews and destroys your belongings, you shouldn’t punish him. Instead, try to figure out what is missing from his life. Usually the answer is that your dog isn’t getting the amount of exercise that he needs. Some breeds, for instance, need a lot more exercise than a short thirty-minute walk around your neighbourhood can provide.

How to Take Better Care of Your Four-Legged Compani

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Does Teen Vaping Lead to Teen Smoking?


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