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Of course, Dr Martens are such a wardrobe staple for so many of us, and have been for years. I remember how much I wanted a pair of my own when I was a child and saw my 'really cool' older cousin wearing them. I got my first pair when I was 12 and it was possibly the happiest day of my childhood. Paired with this oversized vintage shirt that I bought from the men's section in Beyond Retro on my last trip to London, a purple lip - Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury to be exact, a purple nail to match (naturally) and loose hair. This is my ultimate chilled look.

I am happiest when playing some good tunes, when I am in good company, when my creative juices are flowing, and when I am just chilling the f out doing what I want to do. For me, music influences my creativity massively. Music has the power to inspire, and to make you feel something. There is also nothing better than listening to your favourite band on vinyl, crackles and all.

white-dr-martens-outfit-boho-grunge-style @ hayleyeszti
Purple-lipstick-Charlotte-Tilbury @ hayleyeszti


Sending chilled vibes from me to you.

Chilling in DMs

Our bone structure is one of our most unique features. No two faces are exactly alike, but it is the structure of the bones that truly defines them. Our bone structure can be one of our most attractive features. Even if we have a lovely full face or chubby cheeks, we still have bone structure that can be enhanced. With family life and work commitments, it can be easy to feel pushed for time. Carefully applying makeup and trying out new looks can be one of the last things on our mind. It’s likely that we just slap on a little or complete a five minute routine that we’ve done for years and run out the door! But we’re not making the most of ourselves. A makeup routine that makes the most of our bone structure doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. But it can increase our confidence and show off our natural beauty. Try incorporating a few of these simple and easy tips into your makeup routine.

Learn To Contour

Contouring has become more famous in recent years thanks to the Kardashians and other celebrities. But it doesn’t have to be as severe or comical as we’re used to seeing on Instagram! The dark stripes and white patches may be suitable for stage or camera work, but they lose a little something in translation for everyday life! Subtle contouring simply means adding a bit of a sculpting effect to places such as our cheekbones, temples and jawlines. Many people also like to contour their noses for extra definition, but this isn’t necessary for every day. There are many ways to use a contouring kit and similar products. But the simplest is to suck in your cheeks and softly apply a shadowy shade to the hollows of your cheeks. Blended well, this gives the illusion of a more sculpted face and lifts the cheeks for a youthful look.

Add A Highlight

Highlighting the high points of the face can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to enhance our bone structure. A subtle, shimmery shade applied to the tops of the cheekbones or bridge of the nose will catch the light. Our makeup will look fresh and eye-catching, and our bone structure will “pop”. If we feel like our eyes are a little deep set or tired looking, we can slick a shimmery neutral shade across the lids and come alive! Cheek highlights come in shades to suit every skin tone. If you have a deep skin tone, coral or deeper pink highlights can be stunning. For fairer or medium skin tones, choose a warm metallic shade that will really turn heads.

Perfect Your Skincare

Skincare may seem a strange suggestion when we’re discussing bone structure. But it can actually have a huge effect. If we know our own skin type and whether it is dry, oily, blemish-prone or sensitive we can select suitable products. We can minimise any irritation or swelling and improve the circulation and tone. This helps the skin to lie best against the bones of the face. Our bone structure becomes more visible as a result. Draining toxins and improving circulation to the face is a great way to reduce any swelling or puffiness. We’ve all experienced it after those late nights or early mornings!


Peace & love.

Making the most of your bone structure with makeup

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'Me time' is so important. Taking time out to focus on ourselves, unwind, de-stress, and relax is extremely powerful and can have a huge positive impact on our general health and well-being. Like most bloggers, I spend a lot of my time reading other blogs, and beauty bloggers in particular are always raving about the pamper night. For me, a pamper night includes a good bubble bath, some candles, some sweet tunes and general chilled vibes, mixed with some luxury skin and hair care and more than likely some spot cream. There is no better feeling than how good my skin feels after a deep face mask!

I am always talking about the benefits of feeling good in our bodies, and taking care of our bodies and our skin, and spending quality time unwinding every now and then is a great place to start in achieving contentment within ourselves. It's also important not to forget the mind. Treating the skin and body during a pamper night is great, but practising mindfulness, meditation, and reflecting on things going on in your world at the moment has great power too. If stress is creeping in, as little as half an hour just focusing on you can do so much good. Focus on the good things in your life. The people you are lucky to be surrounded with, and take a moment to remember to be thankful. Gratitude is great medicine for the mind.

I find that a pamper night, whether alone or with my sister or with my girlfriends always leaves me feeling happy, refreshed and feeling good. So this is me, encouraging you to take some time our for yourself this week, or this month if you really are that busy. Get that bath filled up, candles lit, get those beauty products out and give yourself some well earned love and TLC, because, you deserve it girl.

Peaceful vibes,

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Easter-bunny @ hayleyeszti
Easter-bunny-ears @ hayleyeszti


Easter for me is about the celebration of the start of spring. The loveliest month of the year. The start of colour. The start of warmth. It's about embracing all that spring has to offer. Filling our lungs with the crisp, fresh spring morning air. Seeing the streets go from being grey and dead, to yellow, pink and green. With spring comes knowing that summer is around the corner, and for me there is no better feeling. With the start of spring comes the start of something new. A new chapter. I intend on making this next chapter a happy one and dressing up as a bunny seemed like a good way to start.

What are your plans for Easter? What is your favourite thing about spring?

Easter stuff


You can't wear an outfit as colourful as this and not feel happy. I am happy. I feel like a rainbow. I like rainbows.

I am trying to make the days brighter by wearing more colour. Although the days are becoming less grey, and the sun is attempting to come out of hiding but until she comes out for good, in all of her yellow glory, I will make do with feeling cosy in colour.

Boots: Spylovebuy | Sunglasses: Sunglass Warehouse | Septum: Regal Rose | Lipstick Feel Unique

Cosy in colour

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bangood-jackets @ hayleyeszti

Because some midweek fashspiration never hurt anyone. Combining bohemian pieces on a monochrome palette, two of the things I like best. As we transition into spring and warmer weather I am starting to add lighter pieces to my wish lists. All of these pieces can be found online at 'banggood', and all for under £20. How great is that! What's your favourite piece? I think mine is number 2.


1B&W blouse £14.50 | 2. Gradient dress £9.27 | 3. Tassel shorts £7.13 | 4. Fringed bag £12.73 | 5. Bohemian necklace £8.38 | 6. Black ankle boots £19.97 | 7. 50s style sunglasses £8.55 | 8. Tassel sweater £12.74 | 9. Fringed motorcycle jacket £9.48 | 10. Geometric patterned jacket £13.55 |

Monochrome madness

It may only be the start of the week, and the weekend is a little way off yet, but it's never too early to start thinking about it, is it? With the weekend in mind, I wanted to share this 'out out' dress I recently got my mitts on. If you love going out as much as I do (and if you do be sure to check out my previous post 10 things that happen in ladies room on a night out) you'll know that half of the fun is getting your glad rags on and getting dressed up. The other half of the fun is when you meet with your good friend alcohol *please drink responsibly*

I love a good statement piece, and this dress is definitely that. I saw one of my friends rocking it and when I saw how sexy she looked I had to get one for myself. I promise I'm not drunk when I let you all know that it was also bought for the bargain price of £23 - yes £23! You'd pay that for one cocktail in some places... Hmmm cocktails, would anyone care to join me for one? This Monday is dragging on a little. 



Out out

February is a big month for fashion. With Fashion Weeks around the globe there is never a better time to be inspired, whether you draw it from the catwalks, from street style, or from your favourite fashion blogger. I've loved seeing all of my favourite blogger babes working it this month, more so than normal. Here are a few of my fashion favourites for the month of February. Be sure to check them out and show them some love!

Nanda never puts a food wrong in casual chic. I wish I could pull off this 'I just shoved this on' look as well as she does. MEGA BABE.

Betsy defines the words effortless and cool. I am obsessed with her.

It's so easy to get stuck in the habit of wearing dark colours in the winter. That's why I loved this outfit from Allana so much, she looks so colourful and cosy!


Leigh in this dreamy jacket is just everything. The fact that it wasn't even uploaded in February doesn't even matter. She is a total babe in every way possible.


Pretty in pink. This bomber is everything.



Who's style have you loved this past month? I'll be continuing the theme of supporting and empowering my fellow women throughout the month of March. Stay tuned!

February fashion favourites


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